The Kindness of Strangers

David now has a tilt table of his own! It was a gift from someone who had a tilt table that wasn’t being used anymore. How wonderful that this individual, and many others who don’t know David, are offering their support. Thank you!

The two most important pieces of equipment that David still needs ASAP are a wheelchair accessible van ($50,000) and an FES bike. This week’s fundraiser is an important event that can help the family get closer to acquiring this essential equipment for David.

Donate online now, or bring your donation to the front office at Keene High School on Friday, March 30th.

Thank you for your support!


David Is Ready, Are You? • March 27

David is showing off some of the prizes for the raffle that will be held on Friday, March 30th at Keene High School.

Friends of David Hudgik, in conjunction with The Monadnock Radio Group, will be holding a raffle at Keene High School to raise money for David’s campaign. On Friday, Keene High students will receive one raffle ticket for every $5 donation. The more you donate, the more chances you have to win! Raffle prizes include a Nintendo Wii console with a Wii Balance Board and games, a $50 gift certificate to Lee & Mt. Fuji, a Best Buy gift card, a ski jacket from Ted’s Shoe and Sport, a $25 gift certificate to Dunkin’ Donuts, four $15 gift certificates from Video Headquarters and many, many more items from local merchants.

Keene’s ESPN Radio 1220 and The Monadnock Radio Group will be broadcasting live from Keene High School from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Students from the elementary schools will be raising money for David’s campaign between March 26th and March 29th. The two classrooms that raise the most money will win a pizza party from Amicci’s Italian Pizza. Keene’s ESPN Radio 1220 will announce the top two classrooms during the live broadcast on Friday.

The entire Keene community is invited to help with Friday’s fundraising effort. Donate online now, or bring your donation to the front office of Keene High School between 7:30 and 12:30 on Friday, March 30th. Roll that jar of pennies, check under the couch cushions, no donation amount is too small! Bring your donation to Keene High School on Friday and show your support for David!

Thank you !


Help David Get an FES Bike

A crucial piece of equipment that David desperately needs is the FES bike.

A bike of this type is particularly recommended for people with spinal cord injury because it stimulates the muscles of the legs and helps to reduce spasms, improves circulation and keeps the muscles from atrophying. FES bikes that exercise the arms are also available.

Here’s how the FES or Functional Electrical Stimulation bike works: Electrical stimulation is applied to the front and back muscles of the thighs (quadriceps and hamstrings), and the muscles on the front of the calves that are just outside of the tibia or leg bone (anterior tibialis), as the legs are being moved by motorized pedals.

FES biking requires a doctor’s prescription. David’s doctor at Shepherd Center in Atlanta is so sure it will help him that he has given him the prescription. Unfortunately, the therapy department at Cheshire Medical Center where David is currently getting therapy doesn’t have an FES bike. The next step is to raise the money so that David can get one of his own.

An FES bike is very expensive and is well out of the family’s reach without help. Such a bike costs in the range of $15,000, but it will make a very big difference in David’s life.

Click here to learn more about FES.

A Note of Thanks • March 25

This week, students from the Keene School District are helping to raise money for David’s HelpHOPE Live campaign, and this has made me think about a young boy from Keene whose remarkably generous donation last year touched my heart.

Kavi Neva is in the 5th grade. In December, with his mother’s help, he made an online donation to support David. He included this message:

Dear Mrs. Hudgik, I wanted to donate my allowance to help David get better, because I love to ski too. I hope that I see David on the slopes soon. We hope to see you at school soon. Happy Holidays, Kavi Neva, grade 5.

His gift touched me because I remember very well being Kavi’s age and saving my allowance to buy something that I really wanted. Giving away an allowance, saved up carefully over many months, is probably the last thing any 5th grader wants to do. But Kavi did – how kind and generous. Thank you again, Kavi.

I also want to thank ALL of the young people who have supported David — in so many ways. You are such an important part of David’s life and an inspiration to all of us.

David’s Aunt Kristen

What is a Tilt Table, and Why Does David Need One?

The most obvious medical concern we see when we look at David is his paralysis. But there are many medical problems associated with spinal cord injury and paralysis that we don’t see. A tilt table is essential for preventing and alleviating these problems.

A tilt table is a portable mat table on which a patient lies facing upward with straps across the knees, hips and chest to hold the body in place. The patient is gradually brought to an almost vertical position by inclining the table mechanically.

Passive standing is crucial for paraplegics. Some of the most important benefits are the prevention of contractures, improved range of motion, reduction of muscle spasticity, prevention of osteoporosis, improved circulation, reduction of lower extremity edema, pressure relief to vulnerable areas to help prevent pressure sores, fewer kidney stones and decreased risk of chest infections and pneumonia.

And, psychologically, it just feels good to stand when you’ve been confined to a wheelchair.

For more information about spinal cord injury, visit the Spinal Cord Injury Resources page.

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Heading to Granite Gorge • Posted on Facebook, March 16

Guess who just found out that he was going to the Granite Gorge Spring Bash this Saturday?

Yup! you got it. David will be going to GG this Saturday. They will be having a Pig Roast, Pond Skimming, live Music, and More. Lift tickets will only be $17.

Stop by and say hello to Dave. He should be there by noon. Dave will be excepting donations in the GG Dave Hudgik donation jug all day. Also a raffle will be held for Dave to help cover his recovery expenses.

See you there. Thank you, the Hudgik Family

David Needs Your Help! • Posted on Facebook, March 14

David Needs Your Help!

David and his friends are busy putting out Donation Jugs at local merchants in Keene.

David needs to raise funds for a Wheelchair Accessible Van. Because of his height David needs a specialized van that will cost more then $50,000.

He needs the van to:

– Get to physical & occupational therapy he desperately needs NOW!
– Get to Doctors appointments
– Get to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta this summer
– Become more independent. Yes, he will be learning
how to drive it.

When you see these Jugs Please drop in a $1, $5, $10 or more. It all adds up.

Get the word out.

Thank you! Dave’s Dad Paul