A Note of Thanks • March 25

This week, students from the Keene School District are helping to raise money for David’s HelpHOPE Live campaign, and this has made me think about a young boy from Keene whose remarkably generous donation last year touched my heart.

Kavi Neva is in the 5th grade. In December, with his mother’s help, he made an online donation to support David. He included this message:

Dear Mrs. Hudgik, I wanted to donate my allowance to help David get better, because I love to ski too. I hope that I see David on the slopes soon. We hope to see you at school soon. Happy Holidays, Kavi Neva, grade 5.

His gift touched me because I remember very well being Kavi’s age and saving my allowance to buy something that I really wanted. Giving away an allowance, saved up carefully over many months, is probably the last thing any 5th grader wants to do. But Kavi did – how kind and generous. Thank you again, Kavi.

I also want to thank ALL of the young people who have supported David — in so many ways. You are such an important part of David’s life and an inspiration to all of us.

David’s Aunt Kristen