Stop by David’s Booth at The Keene Pumpkin Festival on October 20th

Come to the Keene Pumpkin Festival this year and show your support for David. David’s booth will be in the Craft Fair section and have baked goods and sweets for sale. Proceeds will go to David’s fundraising campaign. We’re hoping to beat last year’s donation total so that we can help David get a specialized manual wheelchair that he needs to become more independent. Tell all of your friends to go to David’s booth for a snack and a tee shirt!

The Pumpkin Festival is an annual event in Keene, NH. Keene residents and people from around the area will attempt to assemble the largest number of lit jack-o-lanterns in one place, hoping to beat the world record. Bring your carved jack-o-lantern and log it in to be part of the world record tally. If you forgot your pumpkin, you can carve one at the carving station–or adopt one at the Pumpkin Orphanage–and log it in.

This year’s Pumpkin Festival will feature a one mile road race, a 45 foot ferris wheel, a children’s costume parade, pumpkin bowling, live music, craft and art vendors, lots of great food, the spectacular pumpkin tower plus thousands of jack-o-lanterns on street-level displays.

HGTV will be filming a special about the Keene Pumpkin Festival featuring  Drew Scott of “Property Brothers” fame.

There will also be an artistic pumpkin contest on Friday the 19th. Artistic pumpkins will be on display starting at noon on October 19th. To display your artistic pumpkin, register online at

The Keene Pumpkin Festival takes place on Saturday, October 20th from noon-8:30 p.m. Find more information at


David On The Anniversary Of His Accident

This day exactly one year ago I had an accident that left me unable to feel or move anything from my chest down. Absolutely nothing. When the paramedics got there they examined me and my situation. As they went through there steps and questions they Eventually got to the one that I was dreading.. They told me that they were going to squeeze my toes and have me tell them if and when I could feel I told them to go ahead and try it.. There was a slight pause and he told me that he had been squeezing them the whole heart dropped and I no longer wanted to live. the thought of never skiing again and never being the same kid again killed me on the inside.. But moving forward threw all the pain, hard work and dedication I am happy to say that I can feel everything now with only a slight numbness. Im still the same old kid that i used to be just sitting down I guess.. And all though may not be able to move everything just yet I don’t let that bring me down, because I know that one day I will get up out of this chair and walk further than I’ve ever gone before . My spirits are high and I’m looking forwards to the future.:)

Update From Main Street • September 8th

• Today, Saturday, David, we are going to the air show at the Keene Airport. Last night we stopped by the airport around 6:30 in the evening to check things out. There where a few planes already there. It was a great experience because we could hear on outdoor speakers planes talking to the airport controller about where to land and park their planes. We were just in time to see a P 51 Mustang do a flyover and then come around again and land. Awesome!

• Still waiting on getting bids in on remodeling the house so David can live in it. In the mean time I’m working on refinishing the cabinets in the kitchen.

• David started school on Tuesday. He was looking forward to getting back to school. We are also very happy to have the new van to get him back and forth to school. He still has a lot of work to do to catch up.

• We have started to look at fundraising ideas again. David’s next fundraising event will be Pumpkin Fest October 20th.

That is all for now.

Thank you for your prayers and support,
David’s Dad Paul