More Pumpkin Fest Thank Yous

• A BIG THANK YOU goes out to our friends at Christ Lutheran Church in Troy, NH. They raised $300 for David at a breakfast they had at the church on Saturday, October the 20th. Thank you Christ Lutheran Church!

• A BIG THANK YOU also goes out to our Friends at Blanchard & Sons Drywall of Keene, NH and the Blanchard family for their continued help & support of David. Thanks guys!

• A BIG THANK YOU to the extended Hudgik family for their love, support and help with Pumpkin Fest. Guys thanks for being there!

• And again, thank you to the Keene High Student Council for their support and help with David’s Pumpkin Fest booth!

Pumpkin Fest Note: I have cake dishes, cupcake trays, bowls and platters left over from Pumpkin Fest. Let me know if you know who they belong to so I can get them returned.

We are getting closer to having a ramp installed, a lift put in and the bathroom modified in our new home so that David can use it. Should hear shortly on the building permit.

With your Help, Love & Support David continues to get Stronger.

Thank you, David’s Dad Paul


Help David Push Forward In a New Wheelchair

One of the next steps for David is transitioning to a manual wheelchair. A manual wheelchair offers several important advantages for David.

The new chair will be constructed of lightweight materials that fold up for easy transport. It will also allow David to be lifted over obstacles while in the chair. David’s current power wheelchair is incredibly heavy! A manual wheelchair can also fit into tight spaces such as doorways and hallways that might not otherwise accommodate David’s current chair. Very importantly, a manual wheelchair will allow David to get exercise, since he will be using his own power to get around.

Because David does not yet have sufficient arm strength to propel a manual wheelchair on steep inclines and long range hauls, the new chair will need to be customized with power-assist wheels. These are lightweight, electric wheels that will be powerful enough to give David help when he needs it, but will not make the chair too heavy.

The new wheelchair will also need to be customized for David in other ways, and will cost $11,646.00.

The new wheelchair will help David get stronger and become more independent. Donate today and help David move forward!

Thank you!

Click here for more info from the Hudgiks about the wheelchair.

Thank You!

A GIANT THANK YOU goes out to everyone that helped with David’s Booth at Pumpkin Fest this year. With the Help of many people we raised over $2,200 for David’s cause.

Special thanks goes out to the Keene High Student Council and their adviser Jessica Smith. The student council manned the booth from 10 a.m. in the morning until closing. They also baked tons of cookies, cakes, brownies, cup cakes, and many other great tasting treats. You guy’s where, “AWESOME”! Thank you!

Also thanks to Candy, Eric, Sam, Jack, Spencer, Janet and many others who helped with food, organizing the event, and helping with setup and take down.

Your support is greatly appreciated. I will be posting more pictures on Facebook shortly.David’s Dad PaulFor more pictures go to David’s Web site:

Fundraising Breakfast for David on October 20th

Christ Lutheran Church in Troy, New Hampshire is having a breakfast this Saturday, October the 20th, from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. to raise money for David.

Donations accepted at the door. All proceeds will go to David.

The Church is located at 4 Fitzwilliam Road, Troy, NH.
(rt. 12, Just south of the circle on the left hand side of road)

If you have any questions, the office is open this Friday from 9 – 4.
Phone: 603-242-7283

Stop in before the Pumpkin Fest, meet new friends and have a great breakfast!

We thank Christ Lutheran Church of Troy for their support,

David’s Dad Paul

Update From Main Street • October 16th

Wow, we just had a bit of an earth quake! Did you feel it?

• Things are coming together for David’s Pumpkin Fest Booth. All are invited to stop by the booth this Saturday between 11:30 am and 8:30 pm. David will be there for most of the day. Hope the weather holds out. Should be a fun day.

• Will be meeting with home renovators on the house tomorrow. They will be starting work shortly.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. It is making a difference.

David’s Dad Paul

Volunteers and Baked Goods Needed for David’s Booth

David will have a booth again at this year’s Pumpkin Fest on October 20th.

We need the following help:
• Need baked goods, cookies, whoopee pies, brownies etc.
• Items need to be individually wrapped
• People to help setup and take down the booth
• People to man the booth throughout the day
Click here to print a flyer and spread the word!

Please share this information with your family, friends and coworkers.

For further information:
• Sherry Willard:
Phone 800-394-5071

• Paul Hudgik:
Phone 800-394-4702

All food items can be dropped off at:
640 Marlboro St. (Rt. 101)
Keene, NH 03431
8am-5pm M-F.

Once again thank you for all of your love and support this past year. David has come so far and we couldn’t of done it with out each and everyone of you. We are looking forward to another successful event!

Dave’s Dad,
Paul Hudgik