Another Chapter in David’s Journey to Recovery…

…”A New House for David!”

Why would we want to renovate our newly purchased home?

The purpose of the renovation is to make our new home wheelchair accessible for David. This includes building an indoor ramp in the entry way, removing one of the three bedrooms and one bathroom on the first floor to make room for a dinning room, widening of the hallway and expansion of the remaining bathroom so all spaces are wheelchair accessible.

On the back of the house we are building an enclosure which will contain David’s elevator. The elevator will give David access to the basement and the back yard (we have a walk out basement.) In the basement there will be a family room where David can entertain his friends. At this point in time it is hard for David to go and visit his friends because most people’s homes are not wheelchair accessible. There will also be room for his exercise equipment, including his FES bike, and a third bedroom so his sister Emily will have a place to sleep.

Who is doing the work on the house?

Michael Petrovick, a family friend and local Keene Architect, has helped us out by: helping us pick the right home to purchase, putting together plans, getting the building permit and putting us in touch with local contractors to get the job done. Mike has donated all of his time that he has put into the project. Mike we could not have gotten this project done without you. Many thanks! Visit Mike at:

Wendy Pelletier, a local land surveyor, worked with her son to find the boundaries and put a plot plan together, which was needed to obtain a building permit from the city of Keene. Wendy donated all of her time to David’s cause which we are very grateful for. Thanks Wendy! Visit Wendy at:

Stebbins Spectacular Painting is helping out with the painting. We will be meeting with them shortly to pick out colors for the walls. Thanks guys! Visit Stebbins at:

Williams Construction is the general contractor. David Williams has been very helpful. His common sense approach and industry experience have been a big asset to us in getting things done. Thanks Dave for your help! Visit Williams Construction at:

How long before the project is done?

Hopefully most of the work should be done by December the 15th.

Where is the house located?

David’s new home is at 124 Old Walpole Road here in Keene. Look for a sign, like the one above, out in the front yard (the sign will be going up on Friday and is 4′ X 8′.)

How is the work being funded?

David’s home renovations are being funded by people like you through fundraisers and donations. David still needs your help to finish this project.

TO DONATE: click here

We are very grateful for your support.

Thank you, David’s Dad Paul