Update From The Hudgiks • December 17th

The elevator shaft is done. We are expecting the elevator people to install the elevator any day now. Painting, tiling and electrical work needs to done and then…

Elevator Shaft 12/17David and family will be out front with a huge bus between us and the house saying …


The support from the community, far and wide has be inspirational.

We are deeply touched and moved by your support.

There is a lot of good in this world and a lot of that good is focused here in Keene on David.

Thank you, Dave’s Dad Paul

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Update From The Hudgiks • December 16th

David and Jadyn by the Christmas TreeIt looks like we will have a Merry Christmas. Jeff Repko & Sherry Willard surprised us on Friday with a tree, lights and decorations.

All of our Christmas decorations are packed away in the back of a storage shed.

Thanks Guys! You just brightened our holiday season and brought a smile to David’s face.

David’s Dad Paul Hudgik

Update From The Hudgiks • December 9th

David and EmilyThe kids and I went out to see the house today and where impressed with the progress that was being made.

With the help of his sister, Emily, David made it down the hill to get to the back of the house to check out the progress being made there. It was very slick and muddy. It will probably take us a month to get the mud off his triers but he enjoyed the adventure and the view.

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Dave Williams and crew are more than halfway through the project. They have been doing a great job and things are really coming together nicely. We can’t wait to move in!

If you get a chance drive out to Old Walpole Rd and check it out. We are a half mile up from the new traffic circle on the left as you start down the hill. Look for the sign out front. You can’t miss it.

Stay tuned … More information coming shortly.

Thank you for your continued support …

Dave’s Dad Paul Hudgik

Update From The Hudgiks • December 5th

David's HouseThe house is moving along fast. The walls are now up on all of the first floor room. The basement shower is now in, Emily’s bedroom now has a closet and the elevator shaft on the back of the house is getting framed in.

Barbara, with the help of our friend Sherry, is choosing paint colors, tiles for the entry way, bathroom and dining room.

Bad news … When David Williams and his crew tore the decking off next to the house they found that not only was the sill rotted but the whole framing from the sill 10 feet down to the ground was rotted. The deck was not originally installed correctly and over the years water was running into the side of the house and getting into the frame. ARRRRRGG! Two steps forward and one step back.

David is still working out, going to school and physical therapy. Much more work needs to be done but he will get there.

The sign is now up at the house. If you are in the Old Walpole Road area, drive by and check it out.

Thank you to all for your prayers, love and support. It gives us hope.

David’s Dad Paul