Update From The Hudgiks • April 24th

Sam and DavidGreat day to be outside! Spent a lot of time outside today with David. Lots of people out and about. Got to meet one of our next door neighbors, Connor. He’s lived next door all of his life but has never been inside our house. So David and I invited him in and gave him a quick tour and a ride in the elevator. We also met Jim who lives directly across the street. All nice people. We really like the neighborhood.

Personal care givers from Granite State Independent Living are getting themselves oriented to David’s needs and what is expected of them. Note the picture of Sam learning how to use David’s lift. This is a great program, and in the long run will help David become more independent. Also, the help is greatly appreciated.

WE NEED HELP! Does anyone know of an individual that has carpentry skills and tools. We need help getting the finishing work done on David’s elevator, like trim work and installing a floor in it. Once that is done I can stain & polyurethane it.
Let us know.

We are still gathering items for the tag sale on May the 25th. If you can’t get items over to us we will come pick them up from you. All proceeds are going towards the purchase of a manual wheelchair for David.

Well I did it. One more post this week and I will have gotten to my goal of three in a week.

I have the next four days off from work. I will be focusing on getting yard work done. If you are in the area stop by and say hello. David would be happy to see you.

We are moving forward.

Thank you for your support,
David’s Dad Paul


Update From The Hudgiks • April 21st

David And His Mom

Wow, an excellent day to be out. David and family planted a Christmas tree that he got from school on Friday. Afterwords both Dave and his mom took some time to relax on the deck.

Good news, Barbara is getting help with caring for David. For the past year now she has been his primary care person 24/7. Now that David is 18, through Granite State Independent Living, David can hire caregivers to help take care of him. This will help David become more independent and give his mom more time to do other things including rest.

A” BIG THANK YOU” goes out to the Keene Middle School “National Junior Honor Society” First Annual Penny Wars Drive for David and family which took place March 26th. The total raised was around $580. Thanks guys. Every day we are getting closer to getting David a manual wheelchair.

May 25th we are having a tag sale here at our home. We are looking for any under loved items people no longer have need for. Items can be dropped off at 124 Old Walpole Road. Please help us get the word out and gather items.

I always say that I will be posting more often. However time goes by quicker than I realize. My goal going forward is to post three times a week. Let’s see if I can make that work.

Thank you for your support, help and prayers.

David’s Dad Paul

Happy Birthday David!

Yes, it was a very Happy Birthday for David. One of David’s birthday wishes was to have steamers and crab legs for his birthday dinner, and so he did. We all went out to Nick’s for dinner, compliments of his sister Emily. Good food, great company and an excellent time was had by all.

His sister, Emily, and friend, Mikayla, gave him 50 helium filled balloons. He might need them soon. It looks like he and his sister will be jumping out of a plane in the near future. HUH?

On behalf of David I would like to thank everyone for the cards, gifts and good wishes.

David’s Dad Paul



Update From The Hudgiks • April 7th ~ Donations Needed For May 25th Yard Sale


Sherry helping with the kitchen cabinets.

WOW Time moves quickly. A lot has been going on. As a family we have been very busy with David.

Before I get into things I would like to thank a group of people here in Keene that dropped off care packages Easter weekend which included a giant ham, food items, energy bars, a donation jar with money, gift cards and much more. In the packages was a card that said, “We hope these gift cards and food can help in some way.”

I can say, “YES THEY DID”! They came at the right time. Recently we have been working through many personal family challenges. The gifts helped raise David’s and the rest of the family’s spirits. Also the caring given to us reminded us that we are not alone and that there is always HOPE.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Paula, Candy and Family, Beth, Kelly, Sheila, Sue, Maegan, Sheena, Liz and to Island Street Family Medicine.

One of our biggest challenges now is to get David’s weight up. He works out daily and burns more calories then he has been taking in. Any food or nutritional ideas would be helpful. We don’t want him to fade away. This has been a serious concern for us over the past few weeks.

We are still trying to raise money for a manual wheelchair for David. A manual Wheelchair would greatly increase David’s mobility and independence.

We are doing a Tag Sale on Saturday May the 25th. Check your attics, the cellar, and throughout your homes and garages for unloved items that still work, are still useable and can be sold to raise money for a wheelchair. All items can be brought our home at 124 Old Walpole Road. You can’t miss it. We have a huge 4′ x 8′ sign out front.

Today we are very pleased to have Sherry Willard over. She has donated her time and is helping us by polyurethaning our kitchen cabinets. Thanks Sherry. They look Great!

I will be posting more often. LOTS going on.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

Keep David in your prayers and thoughts.

David’s Dad Paul