Update From The Hudgiks • June 23rd

David, June 2013

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Christopher Alexay and StingRay Optics for their donation of the remaining funds needed to obtain a manual wheelchair for David.

The next step is to schedule a wheelchair clinic at Cheshire Medical. At the clinic they will size David up for his chair. He will also have an opportunity to test chairs out to see what he would like. Once David chooses a model that will work for him they will build it to suit his physical dimensions and needs. Our hope is to have him in the new chair by the middle to the end of August.

This past Wednesday David, his Mom and myself had an opportunity to go over to StingRay and thank Christopher in person. They surprised David with a tour of their company which gave David a chance to meet all of the people there.

We where amazed at what we learned about their products. One of the things that StingRay does is manufacture high-tech lenses. David and family got to see some of their lenses in action.

The picture above of David and his mom was taken at StingRay Optics with a system that could detect your heat signature. The darker areas are cooler the lighter areas are warmer. The lens could also pickup on a person’s inner beauty. That is why the images are in color. (Not really, I just made that part up.)

We where amazed by what we saw and impressed by the feeling of pride and excitement everyone there had about what they where doing and how they did it. I got the feeling that it was more of an adventure than a job for them.

David is looking forward to getting back to StingRay Optics later this summer to show them his new high-tech chair.

Thank you to everyone at StingRay Optics for taking the time to meet with David and help him move forward in his Journey to Recovery.

To learn more about StingRay Optics go to: Stingrayoptics.com

To see more pictures of David taken at StingRayOptics through their special lenses, click here.

Thank You for Caring,

David’s Dad Paul

David Hudgik at StingRay Optics