Join Us on August 31st for a 5K Fun Run to Benefit David Hudgik


Help support David!
On August 31st friends and supporters of David Hudgik will be holding a 5K Fun Run to raise funds to purchase upper body exercise (Upper-Tone) equipment for David.

Join us. Bring your friends. Spread the word.
Click here for info.


This is very important equipment for David because upper body training is critical for developing the muscles that David uses in everyday life. Regular physical exercise will help to improve David’s muscle strength and endurance, making everyday tasks such as pushing his wheelchair and transferring much easier. Exercising his upper body will be a great way for David to get a cardiovascular workout, and it will aid the management of many problems associated with spinal cord injury.

You could win this mountain bike donated by Andy's Cycle!

You could win this mountain bike donated by Andy’s Cycle!