What a Great Weekend to Be Out and About! • September 29th

David and Tina at Crotched Mountain Rehab

David has been wanting to get back to Crotched Mountain Rehab, and yesterday was the perfect day to head up there for a visit. David was a patient there back in February of 2012.

After lunch David, Barb and myself made the trip up to CMR. He was very pleased to see Tina who was one of his caregivers while he was staying at Crotched Mountain. She treated him to some blueberry pie which he enjoyed. They had a nice visit and he is looking forward to getting back there again soon. (see picture above).

While at Crotched Mountain we took advantage of the weather and the hiking trails that they have there. We all went up a trail called, “Gregg Trail”. Round trip it is a two mile hike. There are great views along the way and an observation deck at the top that gives you a 360 degree view of the valley below and the mountain behind.

David had a great time. Click here for more pictures.

Today he is off to the races. Earlier this morning he left to go watch his cousin race his quad in Epping New Hampshire.

He is also looking forward to seeing his sister. She is returning from a week long travel adventure and should be home later this evening.

That is all for now.

Take Time to Enjoy the Day.

Thank you for Support and Caring,

Dave’s Dad Paul — with David Hudgik.

David at Gregg Trail, Crotched Mountain


Update From The Hudgiks • September 28th

David and Sam

HEY! Today is David’s Aunt Kristen’s Birthday! If you see her wish her a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” !

Kristen is one of two very special sisters I have and, including his mom’s sister Kathy, three aunts that David has. (Aunt Kathy is special to)

His Aunt Kristen has been there for David right from the start. From staying with him over night at UMass Medical in Worcester to creating and maintaining his web site and helping with many fund raisers.

From the Hudgiks of Keene to my sister Kristen in Rhode Island We all love you, Thank you and, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!

Another very Special aunt, Aunt Kathy, sent David a care package from Omaha Steaks which he received last Saturday. He and his friend Sam had a lot of fun doing weird science experiments with the dry ice that came with the steaks. (see photo above) and yes he has been enjoying the steaks, burgers and other treats too. Thank You Kathy. It was a very nice surprise.

In other news David is still waiting for his new manual wheelchair. We will be checking the status Monday.

David’s big sister Emily should be getting home this Sunday from her week long trip through NY state down to the big city. She should have a lot of good stories.

That is it for now.

Thank you all for your continued support,
Dave’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • September 21st

Laramee family get together sm1Hey, today is David’s sister Emily’s birthday. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY”!

The manual wheelchair is taking longer than David thought it would. Did not realize it had to be shipped to Pennsylvania to get the power assist wheels attached. It will probably be at least another couple of weeks before we see it here.

NO Pumpkin Fest this year. I got confused on the registration process and was unable to register. The last two years that David did Pumpkin Fest it was a very good fund raiser.

We are looking for ideas and help with fund raisers in the future. Our hope is to get one or two more in before the end of the year. However, we realize that there isn’t much time left to 2013.

David’s current goal is to raise over $6,000 for an Upper Tone system to help him work out his arms so he can move a manual wheelchair. The 5K Fun Run has gotten him more than half way to his goal. Fun Run stats to be posted soon.

Today David is with friends up at Granite Gorge. The Granite Gorge “Get Down Music Fest” is today. The Music Fest goes until 9pm this evening. Check it out and say hello to David.

Last weekend David went to Willbraham Mass for the annual Laramee family get together. (His moms side of the family). He had a great time. See picture above.

As always, thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement, and help.

More posts to come shortly.

David’s Dad Paul

Three A’s For September

A spinal cord injury brings with it tremendous physical, psychological and financial challenges. Despite the challenges, David tries to stay positive. On the anniversary of his accident he shared his thoughts on his Facebook page.


“Its been two years since my accident and I am happy the movement I have and for the life I am able to live.. I am thankful for my mom who has been taking care of me since the beginning and my family and friends who have supported me. Everyday may be a struggle but as long as I have a loving family such as I do now I know I will be ok. Thank you everyone for your love and support..”

September is National Spinal Cord Injury Month

Click image to enlarge.

Awareness Month
September is National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness MonthTake a little time this month to learn more about spinal cord injury.

• Every 48 minutes someone in the U.S. is paralyzed from a spinal cord injury.
• 273,000 Americans are living with SCI. (A recent study shows the number might be as high as 1,275,000)
• It’s expensive. Really expensive. Someone with an injury like David’s can expect $146,000 in expenses every year.

You can learn more about spinal cord injury, and ways you can help people living with SCI, by visiting the SCI resource page at David’s Journey To Recovery.

Award-Winning Comedy Web Series
Check out the web series “My Gimpy Life.”  The show centers around the awkward adventures of a disabled actress trying to navigate Hollywood in a wheelchair. Episode one is a very funny and eye-opening look at accessibility.





The First Annual 5K Fun Run For David Was A Success!

Fun RunLots of people and organizations showed up in support of David. All had a great time running and walking in support of a good cause.


There are many people and organizations to thank.

A BIG “THANK YOU” goes out to Caragh McManus for organizing and working with David to pull this event together and make it work. This event would not have happened without you.

A thank you goes out to the Keene High Girls Varsity Soccer Team for volunteering and helping out with the event.

A thank you goes out to Bill Derry and the Keene High Girls Cross Country Team for their support and helping with the event.

A thank you goes out to Janet O’Brien, Partners in Health, and the Monadnock United Way for providing the “David Hudgik 1st Annual Fun Run” T Shirts.

Corporate Sponsors Thank Yous:

Thank you to all the vendors that donated raffle prizes:


Total amount raised: Over $3,200! WOW!

First to cross the finish line: Chris Reilly with a time of 18:20
(Times will be posted hopefully by Monday)

Winner of the Mountain Bike: Marianne O’Brien of Keene
(Thank You Andy’s Cycle)

All funds raised are going towards an Upper Tone system to workout David’s upper body.

On behalf of David and family, thank you for your support!