Tubing at Granite Gorge!

Tubing at Granite GorgeYesterday David, family, and his cousins from Massachusetts, went up to Granite Gorge for some tubing, snowboarding and skiing. What a great day. Lots of sun and fun in the snow. Everyone had a great time! We are using the time to get our ski legs under us so we will be ready to go skiing with David next week. On Tuesday the 25th David will be up at Crotched Mountain ski area trying out a Sit-Ski again. I’m hoping to be able to keep up with him.

Ribby, the Swamp Bats mascot, was at the mountain and came over to say hello to David (see picture below.) More pictures can be found on the February photo page at davidsjourneytorecovery.com.

After a fun filled day at Granite Gorge the kids got some more tubing in at our house here in Keene.

Today it was a quiet day at home. David spent most of the day working out in the basement. His friend Will came over in the afternoon and got David to try some Muscle Milk. Muscle Milk is a protein drink. Hopefully it will help David’s muscles grow as he works out. The goal is to put on weight but not a lot of fat. We will keep you posted on how it goes.

Also, we are looking at fund raising ideas for this year. David has many expenses. To help David become more independent we are looking to raise money to modify his van so that he can drive it. The goal would be to have the modification done for graduation. He will also need special driving lessons so he can drive it with the modifications.

We are interested in any and all ideas.

Tuesday the 25th, around 9:30 a.m., David will be Sit Skiing at Crotched Mountain. All are welcome to join him. We should be there through lunch.

Thank you for your support.

Keep David in your prayers,

David’s Dad Paul

Brittney, David and Ribby

Brittney, David and Ribby


Snow Tubing With David


This past Sunday David wanted to go snow tubing in the backyard. We live on a hill, and there is a nice long run on the left-hand side of the house. Sooo the challenge was on. We had to figure it out, try it out, make it work, make it better and have some fun.

We all were able to get David into a tube. To the tube we attached a rope so once he was at the bottom we could tow him back to the top.
Wow, what a workout, but it was worth it.

There was a lot of laughing, yelling and screaming on the way down. At the bottom David was heard saying lets do it again. The more they did it the faster the tubes went. I think David went down 10 times before we had to bring him in to thaw out.

Everyone one had a great time.

This evening Dave is in the basement working out his arms.

That is it for now.

To see more pictures, visit David’s website.

Thank you for your support and good night.

David’s Dad Paul

David’s Goals For 2014 and Some Thank-Yous

David on his tilt table

Happy Valentines Day!

David has been doing well. Last weekend David’s friend Sam took him up to Granite Gorge to visit with his friends at the mountain. Just before he left they asked him if there was anything they could do for him, and David said he would really like to go down the tubing park. Well, with the help of Dave Morin, Rusty, Sam and others, they took him up to the tubing park. Seven of them, including David, got into tubes and made a 7 person tubing train and YES David went tubing down the mountain. They all had a great time, laughing and yelling all the way down. THANK YOU GRANITE GORGE!

MARK THIS DATE DOWN: Tuesday, February the 25th, David will be skiing at Crotched Mountain Ski Area starting a 9:30 am. All are welcome to Join David as he spends the morning skiing the mountain. I will be there early to try and break my legs in. ( It has been a year and half since I have skied)

Tomorrow, Saturday, some of David’s cousins will be coming up to go tubing at Granite Gorge. Maybe we can get David in a tube and send him sliding down the mountain again. His cousins won the tubing passes to Granite Gorge at David’s 5K Fun Run last summer. Thank you again Granite Gorge.

The picture above was taken while David was on his tilt table. The tilt table is used to get David’s body used to being in the upright position. It also helps him build and maintain bone density. The table was donated to David a couple of years ago. We now have room to use it downstairs in our family room.

David has set the following goals for himself for 2014:
– Get on Snow! ( It looks like that is happening)
– Get out and thank people in person for their support (weather permitting)
– Get Stronger
– Graduate from High School
– Have his dad get his moneys worth out of the YMCA Membership
– Play Rock Band on the Drums. David is a Drummer.
– Go Zip Lining
– Finish his elevator
– Hike more and climb mountains
– Get a Der Ziesel
– Would like to get a vehicle so he can drive himself around! Drive to Mt. Washington and drive to the TOP!

Hey, before I sign off I would like to take a moment to thank all of our Sustaining Members. These are the people who have signed up to have donations automatically sent to David’s fund raising organization HopeHelpLive on a monthly basis. It is amazing how things can add up. Funds are being used to help offset medical expenses that insurance does not cover. David is also curently raising funds to get a conversion van he can drive. THANK YOU! It is greatly appreciated.

Time to move some snow …

Today remember to keep a smile on your face and love in your heart.

Thank you all and Happy Valentine’s Day!

David’s Dad Paul

David Gets a Visit From a Few Friends

David, Sam, Daisy & Bear

David had a couple of friends stop by Sunday evening for a visit. Sam brought his dogs Daisy and Bear over to visit with David. David has known both of these dogs since they were puppies. Daisy is Bear’s Mom.

Go to David’s Journey to Recovery to see which dog is in training to become a seeing eye dog.

Not much happened this past week. Barbara, David’s mom, was sick and struggling with a cold and little or no sleep for a good part of the week. One of David’s other care givers, Brittney, was also knocked out by illness last week. Both are doing better now.

David is well. He has been working out with his new Upper Tone, and when he is not on the Upper Tone, he is working out on his FES bike. Soon he will be strong enough to work and control his manual wheelchair.

Currently he is working on making a list of the goals he wants to reach in 2014.

That is it for now.

Thank you for your love and support,
David’s Dad Paul