David Gets a Visit From a Few Friends

David, Sam, Daisy & Bear

David had a couple of friends stop by Sunday evening for a visit. Sam brought his dogs Daisy and Bear over to visit with David. David has known both of these dogs since they were puppies. Daisy is Bear’s Mom.

Go to David’s Journey to Recovery to see which dog is in training to become a seeing eye dog.

Not much happened this past week. Barbara, David’s mom, was sick and struggling with a cold and little or no sleep for a good part of the week. One of David’s other care givers, Brittney, was also knocked out by illness last week. Both are doing better now.

David is well. He has been working out with his new Upper Tone, and when he is not on the Upper Tone, he is working out on his FES bike. Soon he will be strong enough to work and control his manual wheelchair.

Currently he is working on making a list of the goals he wants to reach in 2014.

That is it for now.

Thank you for your love and support,
David’s Dad Paul