Snow Tubing With David


This past Sunday David wanted to go snow tubing in the backyard. We live on a hill, and there is a nice long run on the left-hand side of the house. Sooo the challenge was on. We had to figure it out, try it out, make it work, make it better and have some fun.

We all were able to get David into a tube. To the tube we attached a rope so once he was at the bottom we could tow him back to the top.
Wow, what a workout, but it was worth it.

There was a lot of laughing, yelling and screaming on the way down. At the bottom David was heard saying lets do it again. The more they did it the faster the tubes went. I think David went down 10 times before we had to bring him in to thaw out.

Everyone one had a great time.

This evening Dave is in the basement working out his arms.

That is it for now.

To see more pictures, visit David’s website.

Thank you for your support and good night.

David’s Dad Paul