David’s Thank You Tour

David At StingRay Optics

David is off from school this week. He finally got a chance to start getting out in his new wheelchair and thanking people for their support. One of the first places he went was StingRay Optics located here in Keene. He wanted to thank Chris for his support and also visit and thank the many employees that work there for their support.

We are discovering that it is going to take more than just a week to get out and thank as many people as possible for their support. Things keep coming up like school. David, for his marketing class, needs to come up with a product and sell it. He has chosen to bake Chocolate Truffles and Blondies with chocolate chips which he is making while I type this post. The next step is to get out and sell them and then write about his project. I guess I’m getting the process started by typing this.

Tomorrow the van will be going in for scheduled service. The thank you tour will continue the day after on Saturday.

David is working out every day to get stronger. The spring weather is helping. He is using his manual wheelchair more.

More posts to come shortly.
Looking forward to visiting with you all shortly.
Thank you for your support.

David’s Dad Paul



Update From The Hudgiks • April 21st

David and Caleb

Happy Easter! David and family went down to Massachusetts on Sunday to celebrate Easter with extended family. My sisters hid 72 Easter eggs around David’s grandfather’s house. The kids did well I think they found about 60 of them.

David got his picture taken with his new cousin Caleb. I think he is dressed up as a duckling or maybe a chicken.

The whole family had a great time.

David is still working out every day. I think we have more physical therapy equipment in our basement than there is over at Cheshire Medical.

David is on school vacation this week. He is using some of his time to get out and thank as many people as possible for their support.

That is it for now.

Stay tuned more information coming shortly.

David’s Dad Paul