Prom Night in Keene!


Prom night was a bigger event than I ever imagined.

A few weeks back David asked his friend Mikayla to the prom in a very surprising and special way. During morning announcements at Keene High David got on the morning video broadcast and asked Mikayla to the prom. It was seen in all of the class rooms before classes started. I think she said yes.

The evening of the prom Mikayla’s family and ours all went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. While we were in the Olive Garden, unknown to everyone, Mikayla’s brother and fiancee where out in the parking lot decorating David’s van for the occasion. A little later on David’s brother Jason did up the inside of the van with mini lights on the roof so it looked like the inside of a limo.

After that it seems that everyone that is going to the prom goes to Ashuelot Park to take pictures. It is kind of like a reception before the main event. Lots and lots of kids and their families were there.

Mikayla looked like a princes. David’s four year old niece thought she really was.

David looked very dapper, a man of intrigue.

They both had a great time!

Click here to see David’s Prom photos.

Sorry for not posting more often in the last few weeks. Things have been really busy. I will be posting more often in the near future.

Thank you for your support. It is making a difference. David is moving forward.

David’s Dad Paul