Save the Date. Don’t Miss This Year’s Fun Run August 30th!



August 30th, SAVE THE DATE! You can start promoting this year’s Fun Run right now. We need everyone’s help! All the tools you need (printable flyers, pledge sheets, Share buttons) are available at the Fun Run web page.

And it’s not too early to start asking your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to sponsor you. The individual who raises the most funds will be presented with a trophy! You can download your pledge sheet today at the Fun Run web page.

David wants (and needs) to learn to drive, but he can’t just hop in a car and go. Let’s do our best to raise the funds needed for a van conversion. Visit the Fun Run web page right now and use the buttons there to share with your friends. Register online right now and you’ll be guarunteed a free tee shirt!



Congratulations to the Keene High Graduating Class of 2014!


David we are all very proud of you.

Yes, there is a party for David tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd.
All are welcome to stop by and say hello to David.

Place: 124 Old Walpole Road, Keene, NH.
If you follow Court Street headed north out of town keep going up to the 7-11. Go to the other side of the circle. That is Old Walpole Road. House is 1/2 mile up on the left. Can’t miss it. Has a big sign out front.

Time: Noon until whenever.

The above picture is of David & Sam. David first met Sam in prefirst at Fuller School. They have been friends ever since and yesterday graduated together from Keene High.

Click here for more graduation photos.

Next fundraising event will be a 5K Fun Run to benfit David August 30th. Get the word out, get your teams together, and we will see you all on August 30th at Keene High.

Thank you for your continued support.

David’s Dad Paul


Life and Overcoming

The following is a copy of David’s speech which he gave at the Keene High School Class of 2014 Baccalaureate at the United Church of Christ this past Sunday the 15th.


Life and Overcoming

I want to thank the teachers, advisors, and administration for being here today. Especially the class of 2014 and everyone who supports them.

My name is David Hudgik, and I have been paralyzed from the chest down for the past two and a half years. I never thought that I would ever be saying that. Nor did I ever imagine being in the position that I’m in today, especially now that I am 19 years old. At age 16 I thought I was invincible. I quickly found out that I wasn’t.

Most of you probably knew me as a daring individual. I liked to take risks and wanted to push my limits. I found my love of skiing when I was 9 years old and from then on I put my heart, body, and soul totally into it and felt completely free. I took my skills to the trampoline where I was able to push my limits even further. I pulled off double back and front flips with ease and advanced into the world of double cork, 1080’s and 1440’s. Doing this meant the world to me.

Two years ago I experienced the unthinkable. On September 9th 2011, after becoming lost while performing a double front flip that I’d landed many times before, I found myself lying face up on my trampoline, unable to move or feel anything from below my chest. Staring up at the clear, starry night sky I started to wonder if I were dreaming, I hoped that I was. But I wasn’t. By the time the paramedics arrived I was in a panic. I lay there thinking, how could I let this happen? The paramedics went through their steps and questions and eventually got to the one question that I was dreading. They told me that they were going to squeeze my toes and they wanted me to tell them if and when I could feel it. I told them to go ahead. There was a slight pause and he told me that he had been squeezing them the whole time…my heart dropped and I no longer wanted to live.

That was the most terrifying moment of my life.

As you may guess, living with a spinal cord injury is far from easy. Every day I am faced with embarrassments and struggles of all kinds. When I first left Atlanta’s Shepherd Center for traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries after a four month stay, I felt lost. I felt completely out of place and devastated with what I had become, lost within a new life I did not know. I was eventually able to overcome these feelings because of two things. Hard work, and the love and support of my family and friends. Seeing the warm inviting faces of my friends helped me feel normal once again.

Not everything is a bad thing. Not even my accident. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks, and sometimes still does, but in the end I think it was the best thing to have happen to me. Without my injury I would not have met so many amazing people. My perspective of life was changed forever, for the better! I would not have as bright an outlook on my future as I do today.

As I progress through life and face individual struggles I will no longer feel lost when I am in a difficult situation. I will no longer feel lost because I now know that I can look to the person next to me and know that they can be supportive. KHS and my family have shown me this.

I do not think that my accident happened for a reason, nor do I think that someone “out there” has a plan for me because of it. I do know that, despite my limitations, I will still live a full, happy, normal-for-me life. Unexpected events can sometimes, in an instant, change our goals and plans forever. How we choose to overcome these events can greatly change our outlook on life.

I was pleased to hear that this year’s Salmagundi is dedicated to overcoming your negative experiences with the positive. No matter who you are, how people may portray you, you will face tough times in your life. Times that will require the positive moments in your life to shine. Between your positive attitude and the support around you, you can overcome the challenges that you will face.

As we end our four years here at Keene High School you may feel sad and scared, but though this is the end of our time here at Keene High, it is a new beginning and a new start, of a new life. I wish you all the best in your journey through life. May each of you become as happy in your new life, as I have become in mine.


David Receives Standing Ovation at Keene High School Baccalaureate


Dream Big, Work Hard, Smile, Hope, Love, Kindness and Inspire …

David was one of eight students picked to speak at this year’s Baccalaureate. He was the anchor … the last to give a speech.

The speech he wrote was titled “Life and Overcoming.” He spoke well, direct and clear. He spoke about his life before his accident, the accident, challenges, and most importantly about moving forward. It was very moving and well received. He got a standing ovation at the end.

I was a very proud dad on Father’s Day.
Great Job Dave!

Pictured above with David is Caragh McManus and Dr. Allen Hogeniller. I refer to both of them as his academic & educational advisers. They have been helping David with is studies. David and his family greatly appreciate your efforts. THANK YOU!
Click here to see more photos.
Click here to read David’s speech. We also have a video that we will post.

• Friday June 20th, 6 p.m. ~ Graduation
• Sunday June 22nd, from noon till whenever ~ David’s Graduation Party
• Saturday August 30th ~ 5K Fun Run for David.

Thank you for your Support …

David’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • June 14th

David and Jadyn

Lots going on…

YES, David will be able to walk with his class. Graduation is Friday June 20th @ 6 p.m. Graduation ceremony will be at Alumni Field.

After graduation, as part of Project Graduation, David will be spending the night in the high school celebrating with his friends and classmates.

As of now we will be having a Graduation Party for David Sunday the 22nd from noon until whenever. All are welcome to stop by and congratulate David.

THIS SUNDAY, the 15th, @ 4 p.m. David will be giving a speech as part of a baccalaureate ceremony for Keene High seniors. All are welcome to attend. The ceremony will be at the United Church of Christ at the head of the square in downtown Keene.

Saturday August 30th there will be a 5K Fun Run to benefit David. We are still working to raise funds to outfit a vehicle so David will be able to drive himself to wherever he wants. The goal is to keep increasing his mobility and independence.

He also needs more physical therapy. However, at this time insurance will not cover it.

We are looking for sponsors, walkers and runners.

The above picture of David was taken this morning. The rain has stopped and it was good to get out. His niece Jadyn was driving his chair. Click here for more pictures.

For more info and pictures visit

See, I told you there was a lot going on.

Thank you very much for your support. With your help, love and support, David continues to move forward!

David’s Dad Paul

Thank You Fuller Elementary School!

StudentCouncilEarly Friday morning David attended a school assembly at The Fuller Elementary School here in Keene where the student council presented him with a check for $724. With other donations from the staff the total for the day came to $800.

WOW! Thank you Fuller School!

The student council took David on as a fund raising cause for the year. With the help of the staff, students and parents they raised a record amount of funds for David.

As a family we know Fuller School very well. David, his brother Jason and his sister Emily all graduated from Fuller School.

Fuller is not just about learning how to read & write. It is not just about science, art, music and languages. Fuller is much more than that. Fuller is also about respect, responsibility, compassion, caring and kindness. Fuller is about family and being part of a larger family, the community.

It all adds up to one four letter word which I don’t think gets used enough in this world, LOVE.

On behalf of David and the rest of my family I would like to thank our Fuller School family for their kindness and most importantly love.

At the end of the presentation the staff and students sang the following song to David:



You press through every hardship.
With strength and courage strive
To meet each challenge that you face
You keep our dreams alive
You’re always there to help us
And try to be a friend.


You’re a hero, a hero
An example to the world
For everyone to see.
You’re a hero, a hero!
You’re the type of person I would like to be.

and it goes on from there…

It was a very emotional presentation.
The presentation touched us deeply.
The picture above is of the Fuller School Student Council. They spoke on behalf of the school and presented David with a big check.

You can see more pictures at David’s website. Click here.

Thank you FULLER!
David’s Dad Paul