Update From The Hudgiks • October 14th


Not all Days are good days. Today I was deeply saddened to learn that Mr. Oliver Michael Mancoon, the family pet cat, was struck and killed by a passing car. Oliver is a stray cat that David’s mom took in two years ago while we where living on Main Street across from the college. When he first came to us he was starving and very stand offish. Barbara would sit outside on the ramp and hand feed him until over time he came to love her and his new family. This was a cat that became so attached to Barbara he would follow her around on walks and sleep with her at night. In and out of the house wherever Barbara was the cat was there to. We are all in shock and will greatly miss our cat friend named Oliver.

The picture above was taken this past weekend. David’s friend Will stopped by while he was home from college for the weekend. The cat in David’s lap is Oliver.

Not all days are good days but, I know there are more good days to come. Just not today.

I will be posting more soon.

David’s Dad Paul