Update From The Hudgiks • November 30th

This is the tree

David’s Thanksgiving came together a little different this year. Thanksgiving eve we got 12 inches of snow. Lots of branches down and power outages in New Hampshire. After working hard to clear the snow from our driveway, off the roof, in front of the house and off the back deck, we made the decision that it would be safer to stay home this Thanksgiving.

Normally we travel down to Massachusetts to David’s grandfather’s house for a large family get together for the holiday. Looks like we will have to catch up with the family over the Christmas holiday.

We where lucky that Barbara planed ahead and had an emergency turkey in the refrigerator.

On Friday we decided we would go get a Christmas tree. Snow prevented David from going up the hill to pick a fresh tree out so we picked a precut tree that looks great in our living room.

This morning David is up at Granite Gorge. At 10 am this morning they are having the GG Turkey Throwdown Rail Jam. YES, they have lots of groomed snow up there. If you have time head up there and check it out and say hello to David.

That is it for now.
Thank you for your love & support.
David’s Dad Paul


First Snow at Granite Gorge


I don’t know how he does it. Maybe he could sense it, feel it, smell it, or maybe it is just in his blood, but somehow he knew they would be making snow up at Granite Gorge.

Friday night after dinner around 7:30 pm David was all excited and wanted to get up to Granite Gorge to see them fire up the snow making equipment for the first time this season.

We got there just in time. At 8:15 the pumps where started and the first snow fan roared to life. The snow making crew told David that they would have all of their snow fans working through the night to make snow. YEAH!

David still loves being on snow and out on the mountain. Granite Gorge is where he learned to ski and where his ski family is.

Why get excited about snow? In Northern New England we can get a lot of snow and our winters are long. So as a family we have learned to embrace it, become one with the snow and enjoy it.

In other news not a lot has been happening. Last weekend David got together with his family for a leaf raking party at his Grandfather’s house. It is always good to get together with family.

He is still working hard to get behind the wheel so he is able to drive himself in his own van.

Any and all Ideas for fundraisers are welcome.

Also our doors are always open to visitors. With the colder weather upon us it is harder for David to get out. If you are in the area stop in and say Hello.

Well, that is it for now.

Thank you all for prayers, love and support. It gives us hope.

David’s Dad Paul

For more pictures of David’s adventure at Granite Gorge go to: http://www.davidsjourneytorecovery.com/november2014.html

You can also see pictures of Granite Gorge snow making on their Facebook page: Granite Gorge Terrain Parks