Update From The Hudgiks • January 24th


David has been a very busy guy lately. For Christmas he got a ScoutX4 Quadcopter. This thing is huge. It has GPS capabilities and is large enough to carry a GoPro camera.

Over the past few weeks he has assembled it, programmed it and has been learning how to fly it. This past week, with David at the helm, his ScoutX4 took its maiden voyage up somewhere over the city of Keene.
It was a success! (see the above picture of David and his brother programming the Quadcopter.)

Winter weather can make it harder for people in wheelchairs to get out and about. David loves to be outdoors. So last week he went to Home Depot. He bought some 1/2 inch plywood. Had it cut into two pieces measuring 3′ by 4′. Then he had the guy drill two holes in each sheet and bought some rope. When he got home he had his brother cut the rope and put the ends through the holes and tie knots on the ends to make a handle.

Now when David is out in snow he can have the two sheets put down to drive his wheelchair up them. To move forward he drives his chair onto the front sheet while someone grabs the rope on the second sheet and pulls it around from behind him to the front and so on and so,on until he gets where he wants to go. He tried it and it works. I think he wants to get up to Granite Gorge and try it out there.

Go Dave!

We have an open invitation to all of our friends out there. If you are in the area stop by and say hello. Our door is always open, Visitors are always welcome and appreciated.

That is it for now. More posts coming shortly.

Thank you all for your love, kindness and support,
David’s Dad Paul


Happy New Year!


First post of the new year. Lots to talk about but, the most important thing on David’s mind right now is that he has a lot to be thankful for. The level of support David has received over the past 3 years has been amazing.

Support has come from all over including his church family at the Community Church of Francestown, friends and family from New England, from Georgia, Florida out to Oregon & California and back to New England. There have been many organizations, businesses, neighbors, co-workers, teachers and other individuals that have come to David’s aid.

WE THANK YOU ALL. Your support is what helps sustain David on his Journey to Recovery.

As always, David is looking forward not back. There are many challenges he still is working at overcoming, and with your help he will get there.

More posts to come soon.

On behalf of David and my family I wish everyone a healthy and fulfilling New Year!

David’s Dad Paul Hudgik