Update From The Hudgiks • February 15

David, Brittney and Jadyn

For those of you that don’t know, we have some exciting news. Guess who is pregnant? No, not David. But he will become an uncle for the second time. His sister-in-law and brother are expecting their second child. David and family are very excited. Congratulations Brittney and Jason!

David is working hard at his school work. He needs to take a physical education course to officially get his high school degree. We were struggling with that one a little. How does a paralyzed individual complete his PE credit?

Well they figured it out. David will get credit for working out with his manual wheelchair at school. This is no easy task for David. If you think about it, he has no use of his hands, very limited use of his wrist, no triceps and only a few bicep muscles that work. Also, this time of year snow can get in his way.

Buy working with his chair at school he will get the workout and practice that he needs to better control the chair. Additionally he will get credit for a course he needs to officially graduate.

Thank you Keene High and GO DAVID!

We are still working on fundraising ideas. His goal is to increase his mobility by getting behind the wheel of his own van and driving himself to school, work, doctors appointments, or just getting out to visit and be with friends. We expect the total cost to achieve this to be around $65,000.

Any and all fundraising ideas are welcome.

Well that is it for now.

Thank you for your support. Your support helps keep David moving forward.

Thank you,
David’s Dad Paul