Update from David • July 15, 2015

I’m so pumped about this! Monday morning Williams construction started working on my room. When it’s all done, the door to my room will be a sliding door and I will have a desk in the “new” cut-out area. Before they started, the cut-out area was by the door to my room, so putting a desk in while it was there was not practical or safe. Doesn’t seem like much but swapping the closet and cut-out area opens up my room a ton and having a desk in my room will give me a dedicated area to focus on homework and hopefully my future job? Anyways, I’m totally stoked about this and want to thank Granite State Independent living for giving me a grant for this conversion and Williams Construction for taking it on🙏 Off to River Valley Community College for free enrollment day I’ll post more pictures when the conversion is all done👍

Room Conversion 1

Room Conversion 2