Update from David • Radioactive Eggs!


For about 6 months I have been in hibernation mode – other than staying warm and trying not to think about skiing, my mom and I have been going to Massachusetts General Hospital to get my stomach problems figured out. I’ve gotta say they have been doing a great job. Since I have a high level injury my insides don’t move too well and this makes me feel extremely full even when I have not eaten in a while. So, I constantly have stomach pain but now I’m on a new med that will help my insides work better. Yesterday I finished the last test that they needed which involved eating radioactive eggs and taking pictures of my stomach every two hours.👌🏻

Congrats to my mom for not falling asleep while driving since we got up at 3am for this and got home at 7pm!

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Update from David • July 15, 2015

I’m so pumped about this! Monday morning Williams construction started working on my room. When it’s all done, the door to my room will be a sliding door and I will have a desk in the “new” cut-out area. Before they started, the cut-out area was by the door to my room, so putting a desk in while it was there was not practical or safe. Doesn’t seem like much but swapping the closet and cut-out area opens up my room a ton and having a desk in my room will give me a dedicated area to focus on homework and hopefully my future job? Anyways, I’m totally stoked about this and want to thank Granite State Independent living for giving me a grant for this conversion and Williams Construction for taking it on🙏 Off to River Valley Community College for free enrollment day I’ll post more pictures when the conversion is all done👍

Room Conversion 1

Room Conversion 2

David Passes His Driving Evaluation!

David Passes His Driving Test

Today at around 2 pm David got behind the wheel of a car and drove for the first time since his accident.

Donald Sampson from CMSC came by the house to evaluate David to see if he would be able to drive on his own.

David was a little nervous at first but had no problem driving Don’s van around the neighborhood. He did so well that Don said he can recommend David for driving. Yeah! David is very excited.

The next step is raising the funds so David can buy a vehicle that he can drive on his own. He will also need specialized driving lessons.

To see more pictures of David’s driving evaluation click here.

Without your support this would not be happening.

Thank you!

David’s Dad Paul

David Has Been Working Hard!


This past Wednesday Barbara and I went with him to the far side of the Target parking lot. From there he pushed himself out to the bike trail in the back and up and over the bridge that spans routes 10 & 9. I was amazed as he pushed himself up that bridge.

photos: www.davidsjourneytorecovery.com/august2014.html

David is taking advantage of the good weather to get out and push. You may see him on the side of the road, downtown or on the bike trail. His manual wheelchair is becoming a big part of his workout and getting around. He could not have gotten this far without the help of his many supporters. Thank You!

Lately David has been having a lot of neck pain. Last night he was hearing clicking noises in his neck when he moved it. The pain was becoming more severe so Barb called the doctor. His doctor recommended that he come into the Emergency room to check things out. As a result of his accident David has a small metal rod and screws in his neck. At this time they are recommending that he get a MRI next week to see how things look in his neck and see a neurologist. We will keep you all posted.

YES, There is a 5K FUN RUN on August 30th. Mark that date down, get your teams together, and come on out for a good cause.

All money raised will go towards getting David behind the wheel of his own car.

That is all for now…

As always, thank you for caring and thank you for your support.

David’s Dad Paul


Update From The Hudgiks • November 4th

David and Caleb

Greetings! David has been a busy guy this past week. This past Friday his friend Will picked him up and took him to the Keene High Football game.

On Saturday we all went down to his grandfather’s house in Massachusetts for a leaf raking party. We all had a great time, good food and got a lot done for his grandfather. He also got to meet his new cousin Caleb. (see picture above.)

The Uppertone workout system is on order. We hope to have it in place within the next 30 days. Thank you everyone for your help raising the money needed to purchase this device. The goal is to build his upper body strength so he can safely move and maneuver his manual wheelchair.

The next fundraiser is this coming weekend. The Branch River Theatre Group is putting on a show to benefit David. David is planning on being there every night to greet, meet and say hello to all who attend.

The show is November 8th & 9th at 8 p.m. and Sunday November the 10th at 2 p.m. Ticket prices are $15. Call 603-283-7538 to reserve your tickets now, or click here to purchase advance tickets online.

Don’t miss out. It is for a great cause. We are in the process of raising $20,000 so David will be able to drive himself by June of 2014 when he graduates.

To learn more about the show go to: www.branchrivertheatre.com
or: DavidsJourneyToRecovery.com

My goal going forward is to get David to write his own updates. We will see how that goes.

Thank you all for caring and your support,
David’s Dad Paul

David Gets His New Wheelchair!

New Chair!


YES! It is here, he is in it and he is very excited!

He tested it out on the ramp, driveway and on grass. A great workout for his arms. He did it all with a big smile on his face.

Click here to see more photos.

From this day forward his mobility and Independence have been increased greatly.

Thank you everyone for your help with this fund raising project! Part of his plan is for him to get around in his new chair to thank as many people as possible in person for their help.

Your support, love and prayers are definitely helping David move forward.

Thank you all very much,

David’s Dad Paul

Thank You For Helping To Raise Funds For David’s Manual Wheelchair!

David's getting his wheelchair!

Sorry for not posting more often, but my computer has not been working.

YAY! We have some very good news. Through personal savings, fund raisers and donations, we had raised a little more than half the money needed for David’s manual wheelchair and….

StingRay Optics, a local Keene business, is donating the other half of the money needed to purchase a manual wheelchair for David!

YES, David and family are very, very excited! David is getting his wheelchair.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us with raising funds for this much needed wheelchair, and thank you StingRay Optics.

Stay tuned…

…. More information to follow.

David’s Dad Paul

Honor Your Father With A Tribute On The Father’s Day Wall

We are a little more than halfway to our goal of raising enough money for David’s wheelchair. Please help by making a donation today. Making an online donation is quick, easy and secure. You can use a credit card or donate by echeck. http://www.davidsjourneytorecovery.com/donate.html

You can even honor your father with a Father’s Day tribute donation. Leave a tribute to your dad on the Father’s Day Wall, and print a card to let your dad know about the thoughtful gift you made in his honor. http://www.davidsjourneytorecovery.com/fathersday.htmlFather's Day Tribute Card

The Sentinel Catches Up With David

Photo by Michael Moore -  Sentinel Staff

Photo by Michael Moore – Sentinel Staff
David Hudgik and his father, Paul, are seen in their home on Old Walpole Road Thursday. The home has been adapted for David, paralyzed in a trampoline accident more than a year ago.

David Hudgik: Making progress with a smile

from SentinelSource.com, Sunday, February 10, 2013

If you come across a photo of David Hudgik, most likely he’s smiling. It reflects his optimism 16 months after being paralyzed in a trampoline accident at his home in Keene.

Life moves forward for the 17-year-old Keene High School senior and his family, even when they’re tempted to shake their fists at fate. But that …read more.