The Numbers Are In…

Pictured presenting David with the proceeds of the Spares for the Chair event is Debbie Pickering.

Pictured presenting David with the proceeds of the Spares for the Chair event is Debbie Pickering.

Last Sunday’s Fundraiser, “YANKEE LANES SPARES FOR THE CHAIR”, raised a total of $2,221 dollars.

A Big “THANK YOU” goes out to Debbie Pickering for organizing the event, Jeff Barden of Yankee Lanes for the use of their facilities and Ron & Jennifer Bush for their D.J. & Karaoke services.

I would also like to thank the many individuals, family members, friends, co-workers, local businesses from Keene and the surrounding communities who helped contribute and make this fundraiser a success.


Total funds raised so far: $4,500
The Goal: Getting David more mobile by the use of a Tankchair.
Cost: $15,000
So he has a way to go but I know he will get there.

We are currently looking for additional ways to raise funds. We are open to any and all ideas.

On behalf of David and my family I would like to Thank you all for your continued support. It does make a difference.

David’s Dad Paul


Happy New Year!


First post of the new year. Lots to talk about but, the most important thing on David’s mind right now is that he has a lot to be thankful for. The level of support David has received over the past 3 years has been amazing.

Support has come from all over including his church family at the Community Church of Francestown, friends and family from New England, from Georgia, Florida out to Oregon & California and back to New England. There have been many organizations, businesses, neighbors, co-workers, teachers and other individuals that have come to David’s aid.

WE THANK YOU ALL. Your support is what helps sustain David on his Journey to Recovery.

As always, David is looking forward not back. There are many challenges he still is working at overcoming, and with your help he will get there.

More posts to come soon.

On behalf of David and my family I wish everyone a healthy and fulfilling New Year!

David’s Dad Paul Hudgik

What a Great Day!

A big THANK YOU goes out to all who participated in the 2nd Annual HelpHOPELive for David Hudgik 5K Fun Run!

You helped raise over $4,000 which will go towards getting David behind the wheel and driving his own van. Click here to see how the day went.


David will be getting a driving evaluation on September the 24th. This is the first step in getting him driving on his own.

Thank you goes out to Caragh McManus for her help in organizing this event. This would not have happened without out you.

Other people we would like to thank Includes:

William Derry, thank you for your help with running the race.

KOHL’S Cares … A Great Group of People!
New Hampshire Partners in Health… Provided the T-Shirts and more
Monadnock Developmental Services
Price Chopper … Provided the water and bananas
Dunkin Donuts … For the morning coffee
Monadnock Radio Group & WKNE for helping promote the event
The Keene Sentinel for running many ads promoting the event
The Keene High Girls Cross Country Team
The Keene High Girls Soccer Team
The Keene High Girls Field Hockey Team
The Keene High Boys Cross Country Team
ANDY’S CYCLE For the Mountain Bike
Granite Gorge
Park Ave Deli & Market
Absolute X-Terminators of Granby Mass.
Deep Roots Massage
Elm City Bagels
Fritz Belgian Fries
Keene Cinemas
Life is Sweet
Prime Roast Coffee
Shack n’ Cheese
Toy City
Yankee Lanes

Also would like to Thank David’s Aunt Kristen for her help with his web site and designing his posters and promotional material.


David is very excited about driving again and you all are making it happen.

Looking forward to see you all at David’s 3rd Annual 5K FUN RUN in 2015.

Thank you for your Support, help and love.
David’s Dad Paul


Thank You Fuller Elementary School!

StudentCouncilEarly Friday morning David attended a school assembly at The Fuller Elementary School here in Keene where the student council presented him with a check for $724. With other donations from the staff the total for the day came to $800.

WOW! Thank you Fuller School!

The student council took David on as a fund raising cause for the year. With the help of the staff, students and parents they raised a record amount of funds for David.

As a family we know Fuller School very well. David, his brother Jason and his sister Emily all graduated from Fuller School.

Fuller is not just about learning how to read & write. It is not just about science, art, music and languages. Fuller is much more than that. Fuller is also about respect, responsibility, compassion, caring and kindness. Fuller is about family and being part of a larger family, the community.

It all adds up to one four letter word which I don’t think gets used enough in this world, LOVE.

On behalf of David and the rest of my family I would like to thank our Fuller School family for their kindness and most importantly love.

At the end of the presentation the staff and students sang the following song to David:



You press through every hardship.
With strength and courage strive
To meet each challenge that you face
You keep our dreams alive
You’re always there to help us
And try to be a friend.


You’re a hero, a hero
An example to the world
For everyone to see.
You’re a hero, a hero!
You’re the type of person I would like to be.

and it goes on from there…

It was a very emotional presentation.
The presentation touched us deeply.
The picture above is of the Fuller School Student Council. They spoke on behalf of the school and presented David with a big check.

You can see more pictures at David’s website. Click here.

Thank you FULLER!
David’s Dad Paul

David’s Thank You Tour

David At StingRay Optics

David is off from school this week. He finally got a chance to start getting out in his new wheelchair and thanking people for their support. One of the first places he went was StingRay Optics located here in Keene. He wanted to thank Chris for his support and also visit and thank the many employees that work there for their support.

We are discovering that it is going to take more than just a week to get out and thank as many people as possible for their support. Things keep coming up like school. David, for his marketing class, needs to come up with a product and sell it. He has chosen to bake Chocolate Truffles and Blondies with chocolate chips which he is making while I type this post. The next step is to get out and sell them and then write about his project. I guess I’m getting the process started by typing this.

Tomorrow the van will be going in for scheduled service. The thank you tour will continue the day after on Saturday.

David is working out every day to get stronger. The spring weather is helping. He is using his manual wheelchair more.

More posts to come shortly.
Looking forward to visiting with you all shortly.
Thank you for your support.

David’s Dad Paul


David’s Goals For 2014 and Some Thank-Yous

David on his tilt table

Happy Valentines Day!

David has been doing well. Last weekend David’s friend Sam took him up to Granite Gorge to visit with his friends at the mountain. Just before he left they asked him if there was anything they could do for him, and David said he would really like to go down the tubing park. Well, with the help of Dave Morin, Rusty, Sam and others, they took him up to the tubing park. Seven of them, including David, got into tubes and made a 7 person tubing train and YES David went tubing down the mountain. They all had a great time, laughing and yelling all the way down. THANK YOU GRANITE GORGE!

MARK THIS DATE DOWN: Tuesday, February the 25th, David will be skiing at Crotched Mountain Ski Area starting a 9:30 am. All are welcome to Join David as he spends the morning skiing the mountain. I will be there early to try and break my legs in. ( It has been a year and half since I have skied)

Tomorrow, Saturday, some of David’s cousins will be coming up to go tubing at Granite Gorge. Maybe we can get David in a tube and send him sliding down the mountain again. His cousins won the tubing passes to Granite Gorge at David’s 5K Fun Run last summer. Thank you again Granite Gorge.

The picture above was taken while David was on his tilt table. The tilt table is used to get David’s body used to being in the upright position. It also helps him build and maintain bone density. The table was donated to David a couple of years ago. We now have room to use it downstairs in our family room.

David has set the following goals for himself for 2014:
– Get on Snow! ( It looks like that is happening)
– Get out and thank people in person for their support (weather permitting)
– Get Stronger
– Graduate from High School
– Have his dad get his moneys worth out of the YMCA Membership
– Play Rock Band on the Drums. David is a Drummer.
– Go Zip Lining
– Finish his elevator
– Hike more and climb mountains
– Get a Der Ziesel
– Would like to get a vehicle so he can drive himself around! Drive to Mt. Washington and drive to the TOP!

Hey, before I sign off I would like to take a moment to thank all of our Sustaining Members. These are the people who have signed up to have donations automatically sent to David’s fund raising organization HopeHelpLive on a monthly basis. It is amazing how things can add up. Funds are being used to help offset medical expenses that insurance does not cover. David is also curently raising funds to get a conversion van he can drive. THANK YOU! It is greatly appreciated.

Time to move some snow …

Today remember to keep a smile on your face and love in your heart.

Thank you all and Happy Valentine’s Day!

David’s Dad Paul

Thank You For Your Support in 2013!

David and Upper Tone Machine

Looking back, it was a great year full of fundraisers and events such as:

The Boston Bruins Alumni Classic to benefit the Crotched Mountain Accessible Recreation and Sports program where David got to meet Governor Lynch, Rick Middleton and the rest of the Boston Bruins Alumni team and help them raise money for CMARS.

In the Spring David did a Tag Sale. In August at the high school, with the help of his friend Caragh, a 5K Fun Run. In November a group of individuals from the area, with the help of the Branch River Theatre group, put on a show to benefit David called, “Way Off Broadway”.

There have been many corporations, retail business, restaurants, and nonprofit groups which have all helped raise funds for David. Some of these include: StingRay Optics, Architect Michael Petrovick, Williams Construction, Land Surveyor Wendy Pelletier, Stebbins Spectacular Painting, Granite Gorge Ski Area, Elm City Bagels, Amicci’s, Andy’s Cycle, Ted’s Shoes, Blanchard & Sons Drywall, Park Ave Deli & Market, Canon Solutions America and the many, many others who have helped David. We Thank You All!

There are also many individuals and sustaining members who have helped with their donations throughout the past year. These individual donors come from the local community, the state, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New England, across the country and from around the world.

There are also many individuals that have helped by donating their time for such things as the move from Main Street to Old Walpole Rd, staining the kitchen cabinets, cleaning the new house to get it ready for us to move in, installing David’s TV, or just hanging out and spending time with David.

There are also Individuals that donated items such as food, gift certificates and furniture. Just last weekend Terry, our neighbor, donated a bookcase that he had in his garage. It came at the right time. We were in the process of cleaning and organizing the basement to make room for David’s new Upper Tone (see photo above.) Thank you Terry and thank you everyone.

Over the past year, with your help, we were able to raise funds to make the house wheelchair accessible, get David a manual wheelchair and get an Upper Tone exercise station to help strengthen his upper body.

It has been an amazing year. We could not have done it without your support. You all have helped David come a long way.

You all have touched David, my family and myself deeply. We are very grateful for your support and can not thank you all enough.

David’s Dad Paul


It Was a Great Show!


This past Friday, Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoon David spent his time at the Community House of Marlborough watching Branch River Theatre’s production of a variety show called “Way Off Broadway.”

We had a great time watching the performance and meeting and greeting the people that came to see the show.

We want to thank the Branch River Theatre group, the actors, musicians, and all the other members who worked very hard on this production to make it happen.

We also thank the people who came out to see the show. The great thing is all the proceeds will go to help David.

The picture above is of David with the cast and crew of “Way Off Broadway” after the last show on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks guys, it was an awesome show for a special guy. He smiled through the whole show. Had a great time and made a lot of new friends.

David’s Dad Paul

David Gets His New Wheelchair!

New Chair!


YES! It is here, he is in it and he is very excited!

He tested it out on the ramp, driveway and on grass. A great workout for his arms. He did it all with a big smile on his face.

Click here to see more photos.

From this day forward his mobility and Independence have been increased greatly.

Thank you everyone for your help with this fund raising project! Part of his plan is for him to get around in his new chair to thank as many people as possible in person for their help.

Your support, love and prayers are definitely helping David move forward.

Thank you all very much,

David’s Dad Paul

The First Annual 5K Fun Run For David Was A Success!

Fun RunLots of people and organizations showed up in support of David. All had a great time running and walking in support of a good cause.


There are many people and organizations to thank.

A BIG “THANK YOU” goes out to Caragh McManus for organizing and working with David to pull this event together and make it work. This event would not have happened without you.

A thank you goes out to the Keene High Girls Varsity Soccer Team for volunteering and helping out with the event.

A thank you goes out to Bill Derry and the Keene High Girls Cross Country Team for their support and helping with the event.

A thank you goes out to Janet O’Brien, Partners in Health, and the Monadnock United Way for providing the “David Hudgik 1st Annual Fun Run” T Shirts.

Corporate Sponsors Thank Yous:

Thank you to all the vendors that donated raffle prizes:


Total amount raised: Over $3,200! WOW!

First to cross the finish line: Chris Reilly with a time of 18:20
(Times will be posted hopefully by Monday)

Winner of the Mountain Bike: Marianne O’Brien of Keene
(Thank You Andy’s Cycle)

All funds raised are going towards an Upper Tone system to workout David’s upper body.

On behalf of David and family, thank you for your support!