Group wall post by David Hudgik

We’re redesigning the way that the David’s Journey to Recovery website works, and we apologize for getting a bit behind with posting updates here. This is the latest Facebook post from David:

June 8 post

I want to let everyone know that my 5K fundraiser is coming up on September 12th. This is my first and probably ONLY fundraiser of the year.. So please help me get the word out by sharing the 5K website link –> I want to say thank you to the few people have already set up their online fundraising pages to help me reach my goal, you guys are awesome👊 Just remember that you don’t have to be a runner to help out or participate. All the details are at .. Thank you all


Update From the Hudgiks • May 2nd


This past Sunday David’s Aunt Lisa and Kristen came up for a visit and treated David to Sushi at the Tokyo Express. I think this was the first time in a long while that I have seen smiles on David’s face. Thanks guys. He really enjoyed the food and visit.

Unfortunately David is still suffering from abdominal pain. It has been getting worse and worse. He takes acetaminophen to help reduce the pain. Not sure what is causing it. We are working with all kinds of medical professionals to get a resolution and relief for David. 

Additionally he is suffering from pressure soars on his back and has to spend more and more time laying on his side in bed. At times he is getting very frustrated, but he has not given up.

A number of you have responded to us reaching out for caregivers. With everything going on we have not had a lot of time to sit down and go over things. We hope to get to it this weekend and will get back to you all shortly. Thank you for your patience and interest.

Looking forward to better days.

More posts coming shortly.

Thank you all for your support,

David’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • April 24th

Trying to find balance. With a spinal cord injury just trying to find a balance in your everyday life can be a challenge.

As you overcome one challenge another one pops up. Currently David is dealing with a sore on his back. Most likely a result of the weight loss and having just bone on skin. To keep his weight off of the spot he is spending most of his time laying on his side in bed. Not much fun but it has to be done.

He does have something to look forward to. His Aunt Kristen, who lives in Rhode Island, and his Aunt Lisa, who lives in Massachusetts, are coming up for a visit this Sunday. Looks like he has them taking him out to lunch.

This Saturday David’s mom will be singing with the Chamber Singers of Keene at St. James Episcopal Church. Barbara has a very good voice and enjoys singing a lot. With the demands of caring for David she has not had a lot of time to get out and sing with her friends. If you are in the area stop in to hear the performance. It starts at 7pm.

David needs 24/7 care.
Currently, through Granite State Independent living, David has an opening for a caregiver. The position pays $10 hour. Currently he has about 25 hours a week available for a person that is looking for part time day work. Hours are flexible. Times can be setup for Monday through Sunday. Good position for a student, or someone looking to earn extra money. Great benefits you get to hangout and work with David.

If you are interested contact me at:

I have taken the last two days off from work to be with my family. Today I will be taking David for a doctors visit. Will keep you posted.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.

David’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • April 18th

YEAH! David came home Thursday afternoon. The blockage in David’s digestive system was removed*. Internally things look good. Some residual pain but David is OK.

Going forward he has to keep working on gaining weight and building his strength.

Maybe now his mom can get some rest.

Thank you all for your prayers, kind thoughts and encouragement. It has meant a lot to David and family.

Will have further posts soon.

David’s Dad Paul

*We missed adding this post from the 14th to this Wordpress updates page.  This was posted on Facebook by David’s Dad on April 14th:

Another tough weekend for David. He has been in and out of the emergency room. Constantly doubled over in pain. Over the past month he has not been able to eat much and has lost more weight. He is 6″ 4″ and probably doesn’t weigh anymore than 117 lbs. He looks very frail.
We are all very worried but still remain hopeful that he will pull through and get stronger.

Tomorrow he goes to the hospital for a two day stay. They will be examining his digestive system to see why it is not working the way it should. There seems to some sort of blockage.

We will keep you posted.

Please pray for David.

David’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • April 11th

Things have been very tough for David. Over the past month and a half. David has been suffering from severe abdominal pain. It has been so intense that at times it keeps him doubled over. It has made it difficult for him to eat, sleep and enjoy life.

He has been to the hospital many times but so far they have not been able to figure it out.

This coming Wednesday he will be admitted to the hospital to get prep for a colonoscopy on Thursday.

On a lighter note. This past Thursday night, while David was sleeping, his sister Emily filled his room with all kinds of balloons. The next morning was his birthday and on that day he did wake up with a BIG smile on his face.

Thank you all for your kind words on his birthday.

Keep David in your prayers.
David’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • February 28th

The other day I heard a lot of yelling, shouting and laughing coming from the family room in the basement. I figured the kids were playing games on the Xbox. When I went down to see what was going on I was very surprised.

Giant Checkers

I guess my family is very competitive.

One disappointment this year. It looks like this will be the first year since David started skiing that he will not be on snow. It takes a lot to get him out on a sit-ski. For one you have to plan way in advance and set an appointment. It takes a number of people to get him ready and then help him while he is out on the mountain. There is also the sit-ski. He really needs one built to fit his body. Otherwise they can be uncomfortable. Also where once he embraced the cold and snow he now feels the cold much more and this has been a very cold year. Hopefully next season he will be out and about on a snow packed mountain.

Because of time and other things I have also not been able to get out and ski. On our cars we have bumper stickers that read, “I Ski For David”. I think I will go up to Granite Gorge tomorrow and do just that.

We are still looking for Ideas on how to raise money to obtain a vehicle that David can drive himself in. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Our doors are always open to visitors. Stop by and say hello.

Thank you all for your kindness, caring and support.

David’s Dad

Update From The Hudgiks • February 15

David, Brittney and Jadyn

For those of you that don’t know, we have some exciting news. Guess who is pregnant? No, not David. But he will become an uncle for the second time. His sister-in-law and brother are expecting their second child. David and family are very excited. Congratulations Brittney and Jason!

David is working hard at his school work. He needs to take a physical education course to officially get his high school degree. We were struggling with that one a little. How does a paralyzed individual complete his PE credit?

Well they figured it out. David will get credit for working out with his manual wheelchair at school. This is no easy task for David. If you think about it, he has no use of his hands, very limited use of his wrist, no triceps and only a few bicep muscles that work. Also, this time of year snow can get in his way.

Buy working with his chair at school he will get the workout and practice that he needs to better control the chair. Additionally he will get credit for a course he needs to officially graduate.

Thank you Keene High and GO DAVID!

We are still working on fundraising ideas. His goal is to increase his mobility by getting behind the wheel of his own van and driving himself to school, work, doctors appointments, or just getting out to visit and be with friends. We expect the total cost to achieve this to be around $65,000.

Any and all fundraising ideas are welcome.

Well that is it for now.

Thank you for your support. Your support helps keep David moving forward.

Thank you,
David’s Dad Paul

3rd Annual HelpHOPELive For David 5K Set For September 12th


We are excited to announce that the 3rd Annual HelpHOPELive for David Hudgik 5K Fun Run & Walk will take place on Saturday, September 12, 2015.

This year’s 5K event promises to be the best yet!

Stay updated
Complete event details are at
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Update From The Hudgiks • January 24th


David has been a very busy guy lately. For Christmas he got a ScoutX4 Quadcopter. This thing is huge. It has GPS capabilities and is large enough to carry a GoPro camera.

Over the past few weeks he has assembled it, programmed it and has been learning how to fly it. This past week, with David at the helm, his ScoutX4 took its maiden voyage up somewhere over the city of Keene.
It was a success! (see the above picture of David and his brother programming the Quadcopter.)

Winter weather can make it harder for people in wheelchairs to get out and about. David loves to be outdoors. So last week he went to Home Depot. He bought some 1/2 inch plywood. Had it cut into two pieces measuring 3′ by 4′. Then he had the guy drill two holes in each sheet and bought some rope. When he got home he had his brother cut the rope and put the ends through the holes and tie knots on the ends to make a handle.

Now when David is out in snow he can have the two sheets put down to drive his wheelchair up them. To move forward he drives his chair onto the front sheet while someone grabs the rope on the second sheet and pulls it around from behind him to the front and so on and so,on until he gets where he wants to go. He tried it and it works. I think he wants to get up to Granite Gorge and try it out there.

Go Dave!

We have an open invitation to all of our friends out there. If you are in the area stop by and say hello. Our door is always open, Visitors are always welcome and appreciated.

That is it for now. More posts coming shortly.

Thank you all for your love, kindness and support,
David’s Dad Paul

Happy New Year!


First post of the new year. Lots to talk about but, the most important thing on David’s mind right now is that he has a lot to be thankful for. The level of support David has received over the past 3 years has been amazing.

Support has come from all over including his church family at the Community Church of Francestown, friends and family from New England, from Georgia, Florida out to Oregon & California and back to New England. There have been many organizations, businesses, neighbors, co-workers, teachers and other individuals that have come to David’s aid.

WE THANK YOU ALL. Your support is what helps sustain David on his Journey to Recovery.

As always, David is looking forward not back. There are many challenges he still is working at overcoming, and with your help he will get there.

More posts to come soon.

On behalf of David and my family I wish everyone a healthy and fulfilling New Year!

David’s Dad Paul Hudgik