Update From The Hudgiks • January 25th

David with his new video game controller

Well, I guess David’s back sores have healed. He has been quite active over the past few weeks.

Christmas Eve he was able to travel, with his family, 45 minutes out to Francestown for Christmas Eve service with our church family at the Community Church of Francestown. We made it. David held up well and it was great seeing a lot of friends that we had not seen in a long time. We are hoping to get back out there again soon.

The weekend after that he travel 70 miles down to Massachusetts for a holiday gathering with his extended family.

About a week after that he traveled to Boston and back with his brother Jason to see the Nitro Circus. He had a great time. He really enjoyed seeing the show live.

His Uppertone workout system is fully assembled and David is now using it on a regular basis. The first time he used it he had HUGE smile on his face. Thank you all for helping to make this happen.

Just recently he got a giant Xbox controller. The box is large enough for him to use and comes with a control knob on a pole that he can use with his chin to work games. This evening he was gaming with his friend Sam. It was kinda nice to hear the sound of racing cars in the house again.

Now that his back is better David’s goal over the next month is to get out and thank as many people as possible in person for their support and help.

Tomorrow his goal is to try snow tubing with friends here in his back yard. We live on the side of a hill. We will keep you all posted on how it goes.

David is very lucky to have the support that he has received. It helps to keep him motivated. It gives him and us hope, and for that we are very grateful.


David’s Dad Paul

David and Sam Gaming

David and Sam Gaming






It Was a Great Show!


This past Friday, Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoon David spent his time at the Community House of Marlborough watching Branch River Theatre’s production of a variety show called “Way Off Broadway.”

We had a great time watching the performance and meeting and greeting the people that came to see the show.

We want to thank the Branch River Theatre group, the actors, musicians, and all the other members who worked very hard on this production to make it happen.

We also thank the people who came out to see the show. The great thing is all the proceeds will go to help David.

The picture above is of David with the cast and crew of “Way Off Broadway” after the last show on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks guys, it was an awesome show for a special guy. He smiled through the whole show. Had a great time and made a lot of new friends.

David’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • July 21st

David in Newport

Just doing a little catch up on what David has been doing over the past few weeks.

The weekend of June the 28th the whole family went down to Newport RI for David’s cousin Carl’s wedding. The wedding was right on the docks with the harbor as their backdrop. The weather held off, and it was a beautiful wedding. David had a great time as we were all introduced to the new Couple Mr & Mrs Carl and Danelle Trant.
We wish them much happiness.

We were down for three days so we had time to take in the sights such as the Mansions, the Tennis Hall of Fame, shops, and many other sights.

On the last day we were there David meet a young gentleman working on the docks by the name of Zack who had a spinal cord injury at a lower level than David about ten years ago. Zack offered David a ride on the ferry but we did not have a lot of time. It was getting late in the day and we needed to start working our way back to New Hampshire. (See picture above)

One of our next events will be a 5K Fun Run to be Held August 31st at the Keene High School Cross Country trail.


We need items to raffle off at the end of the walk. Corporate donations of items such as gift cards and promotional items would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at phudgik@gmail.com or call 603-357-4901.

I would be more than willing to pick the items up.
We are open to all and any ideas people my have to make this event a success.

More information will be following on this event very shortly.

Your help on this event is needed and very much appreciated.

Dave’s Dad Paul

Click here for more photos.

David and Family in Newport

Update From The Hudgiks • April 24th

Sam and DavidGreat day to be outside! Spent a lot of time outside today with David. Lots of people out and about. Got to meet one of our next door neighbors, Connor. He’s lived next door all of his life but has never been inside our house. So David and I invited him in and gave him a quick tour and a ride in the elevator. We also met Jim who lives directly across the street. All nice people. We really like the neighborhood.

Personal care givers from Granite State Independent Living are getting themselves oriented to David’s needs and what is expected of them. Note the picture of Sam learning how to use David’s lift. This is a great program, and in the long run will help David become more independent. Also, the help is greatly appreciated.

WE NEED HELP! Does anyone know of an individual that has carpentry skills and tools. We need help getting the finishing work done on David’s elevator, like trim work and installing a floor in it. Once that is done I can stain & polyurethane it.
Let us know.

We are still gathering items for the tag sale on May the 25th. If you can’t get items over to us we will come pick them up from you. All proceeds are going towards the purchase of a manual wheelchair for David.

Well I did it. One more post this week and I will have gotten to my goal of three in a week.

I have the next four days off from work. I will be focusing on getting yard work done. If you are in the area stop by and say hello. David would be happy to see you.

We are moving forward.

Thank you for your support,
David’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • January 27th

David Williams and David HudgikThis past Friday was a special day for David. David Williams, the general contractor on our home renovation project, has been wanting to meet David, and David has been wanting to meet David Williams. However, because of schedules the two have not caught up with each other.

By chance, the two caught up with each other on Friday during lunch. I went up to the house with some friends to show them the progress on the renovations. David Williams saw my car so he stopped in to bring me up to date on the renovation and to our surprise David got out of school early and wanted to take a look at the house with his mother so they stopped in.

David Williams has done a great job. He sees the details and comes up with practical solutions that most contractors would not take the time to address. For example, the hallway floor is a half inch higher than the floor in David’s room. So David wouldn’t have to go over the bump over and over again he shaved it down so it was smooth. He is very much like the guy in the home improvement TV show Holmes on Homes. He does it right so that it will last.

YEAH! The floors are done, the elevator should be finished by Tuesday, and the painting & electrical work should be done by Thursday. (pictures)

It looks like we will be moving in next Saturday. There is a lot to get done. We have to pack up and clean the apartment we are in, and clean and move into our newly renovated house out on Old Walpole Road.

Help! If you would like to help us move, let us know. Email me at: phudgik@gmail.com.

A lot going on in a short period of time.

We thank everyone for their support. We would not have been able to get this project done without your help, support and prayers.

Looking forward to getting David and the family moved in …

Dave’s Dad Paul

Update From The Hudgiks • December 9th

David and EmilyThe kids and I went out to see the house today and where impressed with the progress that was being made.

With the help of his sister, Emily, David made it down the hill to get to the back of the house to check out the progress being made there. It was very slick and muddy. It will probably take us a month to get the mud off his triers but he enjoyed the adventure and the view.

Click here for photos.

Dave Williams and crew are more than halfway through the project. They have been doing a great job and things are really coming together nicely. We can’t wait to move in!

If you get a chance drive out to Old Walpole Rd and check it out. We are a half mile up from the new traffic circle on the left as you start down the hill. Look for the sign out front. You can’t miss it.

Stay tuned … More information coming shortly.

Thank you for your continued support …

Dave’s Dad Paul Hudgik

Help David Push Forward In a New Wheelchair

One of the next steps for David is transitioning to a manual wheelchair. A manual wheelchair offers several important advantages for David.

The new chair will be constructed of lightweight materials that fold up for easy transport. It will also allow David to be lifted over obstacles while in the chair. David’s current power wheelchair is incredibly heavy! A manual wheelchair can also fit into tight spaces such as doorways and hallways that might not otherwise accommodate David’s current chair. Very importantly, a manual wheelchair will allow David to get exercise, since he will be using his own power to get around.

Because David does not yet have sufficient arm strength to propel a manual wheelchair on steep inclines and long range hauls, the new chair will need to be customized with power-assist wheels. These are lightweight, electric wheels that will be powerful enough to give David help when he needs it, but will not make the chair too heavy.

The new wheelchair will also need to be customized for David in other ways, and will cost $11,646.00.

The new wheelchair will help David get stronger and become more independent. Donate today and help David move forward!

Thank you!

Click here for more info from the Hudgiks about the wheelchair.